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The Samurai of Japan were among the foremost warriors of their age, and as such they left a lasting mark on history. Inspired by the same named armor that the samurai and ashigaru were sometimes known to wear, these leather mempos bring a hint of Oriental flair to your armored look while also providing some much needed protection that your face might be lacking. Historically the samurai wore face armor called mengu. Mengu was classified into several different forms, with the menpo or mempo being the type that covered the chin, mouth, nose, and cheeks. Our own leather mempos echo this design, covering the lower half of the face in quality leather. Some have cut-out slits for ventilation, giving them a traditional style that accents a variety of looks with ease. Others are inspired by different genres of fantasy, taking a look at the mempos that different peoples or cultures might have made. Some are highly stylized and many more have unique cut-outs in the shape of elvish scrollwork, bullet holes and burns, or even zombie-inspired biohazard sigils! All of our leather mempos are easy to wear. Samurai, ronin, and even shinobi and ninja are sure to love the look of these leather face masks, thanks to how well they hide the features while offering great protection. And thanks to our different mempo designs, Medieval Collectibles ensures that even modern-day fighters of zombies and fantasy warriors alike can find a good mempo or leather face mask that will suit their taste and need.

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