Leather Leg Armour

If you want to keep moving in battle, you have to be sure your legs are protected. Shop here for all our leather leg armour, including leather greaves, leather full leg armour, leather cuisse armour, and even leather sabatons, all carefully crafted from high quality leather. Leather greaves protect the lower leg, and we offer handmade leather greaves in a variety of styles. Whether you are a Viking warrior or a stealthy ranger, you will find something to suit you here. Our leather cuisse armour protects the thigh, and leather sabatons protect the feet. For the most comprehensive protection, check out our selection of leather full leg armour. Much of our leather leg armour is great for LARP, light reenactment, and cosplay or costume use. Be sure to check out the details of each piece to find the leather leg armour that best suits your needs here.

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