Life in Medieval Times

Medieval Traveling

While modern people head off on holidays and vacations, medieval people also did their own share of traveling. While traveling during the Middle Ages does not come up very often in pop culture, it was rather common for people to head off on journeys. This post looks at who was traveling in the medieval world …

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Early Timeline of Valentines Day

While the current interpretation of St. Valentine’s Day seems rather modern and commercial, the early timeline of the holiday begins with the Romans and continues through the French Revolution. In this post, we look at the beginnings of Saint Valentines Day and some of its traditions. Roman Origins The establishment of Saint Valentine’s Day began …

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Wizards in Fiction

Wizards are easily the most recognizable characters in fiction. In this post, we will explore the archetype of the wizard and how it is expressed in fiction, especially pop culture. From their interpretations in media to how you can look like one, we take a quick look at the portrayal of the fictional wizard. Types …

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Roman Armor

When it comes to fighting as a Roman, what armor you wear will depend upon the era that you are in. There were varying changes to the armor of a Roman soldier across the centuries. Their armor changed with their circumstances. In this post, we look at a few of the major turning points in …

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How to Layer and Wear your Steel Armor

Medieval Collectibles is here to help you figure out how to layer and wear a suit of steel armor. We walk you through putting together your armored outfit by using the Blackened Vladimir Armour Outfit (OUTFIT-M48) as an example. After reading this post, you will be better prepared to get ready for battle. Blackened Vladimir …

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Medieval Feast

Thanksgiving did not exist in medieval times, but medieval nobles and royals were definitely no strangers to fine feasts with lots of food! Feasting was a grand social occasion often filled with an unimaginable amount of food in great variety, all for the enjoyment of a royal or well-off lord and a few hundred of …

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