Womens Elvish Winter Tunic


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When you live in the woods, exposed to the elements, you need something warm that will not get in the way if you need to flee or fight a predator or orc. The Womens Elvish Winter Tunic combines function with a curious fantasy style. This sleeveless, wool blend tunic fits loosely over the body, allowing you to layer it with a variety of undershirts and underdresses, but it is still tight enough to provide your body with an angled, formidable shape. Its pointed shoulder pads and jutted hem, which features a wide slit in the center, ensure that the body is free to move while providing the outfit with an accurate reflection of Elvish style and culture. The Womens Elvish Winter Tunic comes in red, green, blue, and brown, and it makes a great component to any fantasy ensemble or Elvish cosplay.

Key Features:

  • Fits loosely over the body for comfort and flexibility
  • Unusual design brings intimidating intrigue to outfit
  • Lacks sleeves that would otherwise hinder movement
  • Woolen fabric allows for the retention of body heat
  • Comes in red, green, blue, and brown
  • Perfect for Elvish cosplays and fantasy reenactments


  • Made of 74% wool, 15% polyester, 7% polyamides, and 4% miscellaneous natural fibers

BustWaistShoulder WidthOverall Length
Small31.8-33.4 inches34 inches14 inches39.75 inches
Medium35.1-36.6 inches38 inches15 inches36 inches
Large38.1-39.7 inches42.5 inches15.5 inches38 inches
X-Large41.3-42.9 inches45 inches17 inches37.75 inches
XX-Large45.2-46.8 inches38.75 inches18 inches38.25 inches
XXX-Large49.2-50.8 inches53.5 inches20.25 inches39.25 inches


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