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Sometimes dragons are not fearsome beasts that hoard treasure and breathe fire. Sometimes, like in this Wise Old Dragon Statue, they are grand and majestic looking creatures that appear to be peaceful paragons of wisdom and mysticism. This impressive dragon stands on all four legs, supported only on a small, round base that is designed to resemble grey stone with limited mossy, green coverings. The dragon scales are a stark contrast to the rock, possessing a vibrant silver-white coloration that makes this dragon look like it could gleam in the light. Individual scales can be seen across its body, while the plating along its belly and neck possess a more pinkish-purple hued tint. The dragon stands with one foot upraised, as though about to step, while its tail curls around the side of its body. Its head is held aloft, displaying decorative fins and horns, while behind its back its great wings stretch up slightly. The statue is made entirely from cold cast resin, and it has been hand-painted to ensure the utmost detailing possible. It measures approximately 8 inches tall, 7.25 inches long, and 5.75 inches wide. This Wise Old Dragon Statue might not have any ancient sayings that will make things easier for you or reveal to you the mysteries of life, but it does have a great look that goes fantastically with all sorts of decor styles, ranging from the classic and contemporary looks that could use a bit of personal style and medieval influence to the styled medieval and fantasy decoration schemes.

Key Features:

  • Made from Cold Cast Resin
  • Hand Painted and Extremely Detailed
  • Depicts a Silver-White Scaled Dragon
  • A Very Regal and Majestic Looking Statue
  • A Great Home Decor Piece or Gift Idea


  • Height: 8 Inches
  • Width: 5.75 Inches
  • Length: 7.25 Inches


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