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In battle, skilled swords fly through the air towards their enemies as though they have wings on them. The Winged Sword Pendant is a knightly sword that possesses a winged crossguard to allow it to fly like the wind in a battle. This handsome medieval pendant is crafted in the shape of a sword with a large crossguard that has been decorated to look like wings. A diamond shape rests in the center of the winged crossguard, while a spiked pommel sits at the end of the hilt. This beautiful piece of stainless-steel medieval jewelry possesses a polished finish and has been fitted with a pendant bail that allows you to hang it on whatever kind of chain or cord you wish! Use it to bring a medieval accent to your outfit, or give it to a friend or loved one as a special gift!

Make this pendant into a necklace by wearing it with our Stainless Steel Box Chain (WH-WH-CN03002) or Stainless Steel Snake Chain (WH-CN03008). For a more rugged option, check out our 25-30 Inch Black Leather Lace (HW-701010) or Brown Leather Lace (HW-701011).

Key Features:

  • Displays a winged sword
  • Sports a polished finish
  • Chain not included
  • A wonderful piece of medieval jewelry


  • Made from stainless-steel


  • Length: 2 Inches
  • Width: 1.5 Inches


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