Veit Steel Feasting Cutlery

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No adventure into the medieval era is complete without trying the food. Feast like a king with the Veit Steel Feasting Cutlery at any faire or reenactment. This stainless-steel cutlery set includes a spoon, fork, and knife. Beautiful, blackened twists adorn the handles of this set for a rustic appearance. The hammer marks from making this set are still visible. Holes adorn the bottom of the stems, allowing the set to be hung if desired. The fork is two pronged, for a more historical appearance. This cutlery set would not look out of place on a modern table either.

This item is handmade, therefore, it may vary slightly from what is shown above.

Key Features:

  • Blackened, twisted handles
  • Visible hammer marks
  • Holes at the bottom for hanging
  • Rustic appearance
  • Includes spoon, fork, and knife
  • Ideal for feasting at reenactments or faires


  • Handcrafted from stainless steel

Care Instructions:

  • Hand washing is recommended. Do not soak in water or put in dishwasher. Wash in warm, soapy water, and dry with a soft cloth.


  • Measurements Coming Soon

2 reviews for Veit Steel Feasting Cutlery

  1. aakuehn1 (verified owner)

    This is a pretty decent set of cutlery. Each utensil is just short of 7 inches long by about an eighth or a sixteenth of an inch, depending on the utensil. The knife & spoon are practically the same length & the fork is just a hair shorter. They don’t look exactly as pictured. The image portrays them to have a smooth & finished business end (like modern silverware) with blackened handles–especially the spoon & fork. They’re actually ALL blackened from one end to the other. I scrubbed & cleaned them pretty hard when I got them & it didn’t change their appearance much. I was assured that this was how they were supposed to look & it would not be harmful to use them with food once they were properly cleaned as directed. Another thing that the photo doesn’t really show is that the handles of the fork & spoon have a gradual bend by the holes, As you hold them in your hand ready to use, the bend goes up & points to your face. I think it would be better if they went the other direction so the end of the handles would be able to catch on the edge of a bowl preventing the whole utensil from sliding into your food by accident. You can kind of see it on the fork handle in the photo. Otherwise, they seem very well crafted with a quality material. Nice & straight. The knife–which reminds me of a scalpel–is pointy & has an edge, but it’s not terribly sharp. You could easily sharpen it, though. Their historical appearance is really on target, too. As long as you know what you are getting, you really can’t go wrong with this set.

  2. griffonbroadleaf (verified owner)

    Needed fork for ren faire. these are good.

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