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Thrust LARP Knife and Holder

Item # MCI-3342
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The Thrust LARP Knife and Holder is ideal for those who need to keep a defensive blade on them while they go about their work as a rogue or thief. This handmade leather sheath is available in brown and black leather. It comes with its own knife, the LARP Thrust Knife (MCI-3160). They are secured via strap and button fastenings. The sheath ties to a belt, not included, using leather laces. Add this weapon to your LARP costume for your next fantasy convention or cosplay event.

Please be aware that these items are handmade. Slight deviations in pattern, color, and shape may occur.

Key Features:

  • Available in two colors
  • Secures knives with strap and button
  • Can attach to a belt, not included
  • Comes with a LARP knife
  • Great for conventions or fantasy events


  • Holder is made from leather
  • Knife is made from foam

Care Instructions:

  • For holder: Remove dirt with a hard brush, then gently clean with leather soap and a soft, damp cloth. Remove soap with a separate damp cloth, then use a dry cloth to wipe away remaining water. Let dry naturally. Condition with oil or polish, then wipe with a final cloth to remove excess residue.


  • Length: 5.5 Inches
  • Width: 1.4 Inches
  • Weight: 2.2 Ounces

Measurements are approximate.


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