Thorgrim LARP Double-Headed Axe

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Crafted for war against the rampaging Orc tribe that was seeking to conquer the Northern steppes, the Thorgrim LARP Double-Headed Axe displays a fearsome look. The LARP axe features a steel color with aged golden accents. Its wooden handle ends with a perfect imitation of leather details. Each side of the battle axe displays a uniquely shaped blade, giving its wielder a powerful tool to swing. Perfect for barbarians and dark fantasy creatures, this masterful roleplaying axe is sure to stand the test of war.

The Thorgrim LARP Double-Headed Axe is tested and balanced for combat, made to high specifications. This unique weapon is not your typical ultra-light foam-latex weapon. It is made using a special injection-mold process that provides immense strength and durability, as well as amazing levels of detail. It is crafted using Calimacils ultra-durable foam, while also featuring a flexible fiberglass core that provides a level of durability that is hard to deny. The quality level of construction this LARP weapon possesses allows it to provide a virtually maintenance-free experience, while ensuring that it performs well in every season and type of weather. Please be aware that, as the item is hand-painted, the color can vary from what is shown.

Key Features:

  • Approved for LARP Use
  • Ideal for LARP Events, Theatrical Plays, or as Training Weapons
  • Features Superior Durability
  • Ensures Extremely Safe Play
  • Offers Spectacular Realism and Detailing
  • Reliable at All Temperatures
  • Weather Resistant to Sun, Rain, and Snow
  • Virtually Maintenance Free


  • Made from latex free foam
  • Has a fiberglass core


  • Overall Length: 42.5 Inches
  • Staff Length: 29.9 Inches
  • Grip Length: 14.6 Inches
  • Head Width: 14.6 Inches
  • Weight: 2 Pound 1.3 Ounces

2 reviews for Thorgrim LARP Double-Headed Axe

  1. augustshanecousineau (verified owner)

    This certainly looks the look. It looks awesome and feels nice to swing around. But can it take hits?

    The detail and creation of this item i spot on. It looks very cool and, again, it feels grand when you swing it around. It’s a two handed weapon, all of the way. However, as I have come to decide personally when looking at it, I feel this is more of a display item than a LARP weapon. I honestly don’t dare swing it at something and hit it super hard, as the axe kind of wobbles when swung. Mind, 100% cool looking! But not so sure about durability.

    I feel that this makes one hell of a costume piece and would be a prize to look at when someone attends a party, festival and so on. I’m happy with this item, despite feeling like it is more of a display than LARP weapon. Again, it feels good to hold a two handed battle axe and experiment with swings. Would I support a friend buying this? Yes.

  2. Mike Matthews (verified owner)

    A very durable, sturdy weapon. It can take a hit against most anything, from a cheap homemade shield to full steel bars. The wobbliness of the axe head worried me at 1st, but after lots of testing, I’ve found that it is my most durable LARP weapon.
    It is by no mean weak in any form of speaking. It is very well balanced and swings like a battleaxe. 10/10 would recommend to a friend or even just an acquaintance. Seriously, this axe is perfect.

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