Suede Swordsman Gloves

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These gauntlets are made from genuine suede leather and are very comfortable and soft. Whether you do real sword reenacting or LARPing, if you want to avoid losing grip of your weapon due to sweaty hands, you will need a good pair of gloves. These Suede Swordsman Gloves are available in black or Brown suede.

Key Features:

  • Functional suede gauntlets
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Helps keep a good grip on your weapon


  • Made from chrome-tanned suede leather
  • Fittings are split-leather and brass


  • Small (Glove Size 8-9): Overall Length – 15 Inches, Cuff Circumference – 13.5 Inches, Wrist Circumference – 8.8 Inches, Knuckle Circumference – 9 Inches
  • Medium (Glove Size 9-10): Overall Length – 15 Inches, Cuff Circumference – 14 Inches, Wrist Circumference – 9.5 Inches, Knuckle Circumference – 9.5 Inches
  • Large (Glove Size 10-11): Overall Length – 16 Inches, Cuff Circumference – 14 Inches, Wrist Circumference – 10.5 Inches, Knuckle Circumference – 10 Inches
  • X-Large (Glove Size 11-12): Overall Length – 16.5 Inches, Cuff Circumference – 14.5 Inches, Wrist Circumference – 11 Inches, Knuckle Circumference – 10.5 Inches

10 reviews for Suede Swordsman Gloves

  1. Amy N.

    I bought these gloves for my teenage son for Halloween. I received them ahead of the shipping schedule. The gloves are really good quality and the fit was prefect. He could actually use them as everyday glove. I had never ordered from here before. I ordered from their toll free number because I had some questions. The Rep. was very helpful and answered all my questions. I would definitely order from here again.

  2. Ray M.

    Awesome price, just as describe, perfect sizing, great look to finish off my renfaire outfits. Worked perfectly for challenging an adversary to a duel with a hardy “slap”

  3. Friley F.

    Overall these are a fine pair of gloves.
    the fingers are a bit long but, I have come to expect that from all gloves, sense I have short fingers. The order was filled very quickly and , I received them within a week.

  4. Sarah H.

    I loved these gloves. They felt nice and were incredible. I didn’t want to give them to my brother, but they were for him so I did and he loves them. I’ll definitely have to borrow them from him haha

  5. Ian S.

    Finger are long, I wear men’s medium gloves. Otherwise great gloves. They really pull together an outfit. I got the brown ones for when Im playing a good guys and the black ones for when im not. Very nice.

  6. Clinton M.

    I am a backyard blacksmith and armorer. I wanted a pair of gloves to put articulated armor plates onto, and these fir the bill perfectly. They are heavy and sturdy without being overly bulky and getting in the way of hand movement/sword grip.

    They are holding up very nicely under the significant weight of SCA grade armor.

  7. Robert P.

    The quality of these gloves are great, but they are huge. I don’t know a human being that can fit their hands in these gloves. its a real shame that they don’t come in smaller sizes.

  8. Jonathan M.

    As said before the fingers are unnecessarily long but I fixed it in minutes with a knife and some needle and thread. They are otherwise comfortable, look great and improve your grip when that matters.

  9. benjamin.p.hansen (verified owner)

    This is a great pair of gloves. I thought I had big hands, I’m make and over 6 feet but the medium gloves were just a tad big. Not enough to make me want to return them though. The material feels high quality, and they look like they would be actual useful gloves for more than just cosplaying.

  10. jamespasini69 (verified owner)

    Love these gloves.

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