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Octopuses are extremely intelligent, innovative creatures, so it would be no surprise if they displayed a bit of creativity. The Steampunk Octopus Clock takes this creativity to a whole new level, offering an intriguing piece of home decor. This clock, made from cold cast bronze, is crafted in the shape of a porthole. Atop its form sits a copper-colored octopus, its long tentacles entangled with the clocks perimeter. Perhaps the most noteworthy feature of the clock is that its face is inset with copper, brass, and steel-colored gears, which actually turn when the clock is activated. The Steampunk Octopus Clock makes a fantastic piece of functional home decor that is sure to fill your home with whimsy.

Key Features:

  • A fully functional clock
  • Features metallic colored accents
  • Displays a set of rotating gears
  • Makes a great piece of steampunk home decor


  • Made from cold cast bronze


  • Height: 11.8 Inches


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