Steampunk Chains & Gears Necklace

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Steampunk jewelry is often considered just slightly over the top. It typically is esoteric and attention grabbing. In this regard, the Steampunk Chains & Gears Necklace is not so different from other types of Neo-Victorian jewelry. Where it separates itself from other pieces is the level of detail and the quality that is put into its creation. The necklace features an incredible combination of silver chains, antiqued gears, and synthetic black stones. Each piece is tastefully placed. Small gears act as anchor points where the main silver chain connects and splits. First into two silver chains, and then connects and splits again to join another small gear, this time breaking into four individual chains. The centerpiece of the necklace is an antiqued clockwork medallion that features a multi-layered look that is quite stunning to look at. It may be an attention grabber, but the Steampunk Chains & Gears Necklace garners exactly the right kind.

Key Features:

  • Ornate medallion with scrollwork, gears, and cogs
  • Layered design with multiple beaded chains
  • Secured with a toggle clasp in the back
  • Stylish accessory for a fashion-savvy Neo-Victorian


  • Crafted from zinc alloy
  • Gemstones are acrylic


  • Chain Length: Approximately 19 Inches


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