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This is a replica of an 18th century basket hilt sword with great attention paid to the balance, ornate hilt, and sheath. The blade of the sword is stainless steel with an unsharpened edge. A ridge runs down the center of the sword and ends at a short ricasso. The upper edge of the features a false edge. The scabbard of the sword is steel with two suspension rings. The guard is a basket hilt based off of the more ornate styles of the second quarter of the 17th century. The bars of the guard are almost 1/8 an inch thick with a full crossbar and golden ornate basket guard. Under the steel basket is a thick piece of red velvet that totally protects the hand. The handle of the sword has a solid oak grip with a black leather wrap. A spiral copper wire binds the black leather to the handle. The pommel of the sword is ornately made from golden steel with a capstan rivet at the end. The pommel ends with a red tassel.

The basket hilt sword is one of the best symbols of the Scottish warriors. The swords came into existence during the 17th century. The basket hilt of the sword offered a practical solution to a broad sword with full protection of the hands. The Basket Hilt excelled at slashing and thrusting motions, while the basket hilt gave the sword excellent balance. The sword was so effective that it was utilized all the way up until World War II. Typically the sword was accompanied with a dirk in the other hand, making the Scotsman a deadly opponent.

Key Features:

  • Completely decorative
  • Great Display Sword
  • Metal Scabbard
  • Stainless Steel Blade
  • Basket Hilt Guard


  • Overall Length: 34 Inches


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