Sarina Medieval Maiden Outfit

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Sarina Suede Bodice

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Carmen Blouse

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Ursula Light Cotton Skirt

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Diana Leather Ring Belt

Ingmar Belt Bag

Pip Coin Pouch

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The Sarina Medieval Maiden Outfit is perfect for adventuring ladies and peasant maidens alike. Wear this medieval outfit to any faire or LARP. Included are the blouse, bodice, and skirt with optional accessories for the full look. The Carmen Blouse and Ursula Light Cotton Skirt form the base of this medieval set. These versatile garments are made of easy-to-wear cotton. They are also available in a range of colors and sizes. Over these, layer the Sarina Suede Bodice. You are sure to stand out with this unique piece. Made of structured suede, it laces up the sides. Additionally, twin rows of lacing add detail on the front and back. These laces help you achieve a fantastic, flattering fit.

Then add on the accessories. The Diana Leather Ring Belt adds extra visual definition at the waist, and it is perfect for holding pouches like the Ingmar Belt Bag and Pip Coin Pouch. These medieval bags are made of suede and are great for holding medieval or modern essentials alike. These optional accessories come in your choice of brown or black. Finally, don’t forget footwear. The Jadwiga Ladies Loafers are fantastic staples for any medieval maiden’s wardrobe. They also come in brown or black and secure with a buckled strap.

Whether embarking on a LARP adventure, spending a day at the Renaissance faire, or attending any other costuming event, the Sarina Medieval Maiden Outfit makes a fantastic choice.

Key Features:

  • Includes clothing and optional accessories
  • Easy way to get a well put-together look
  • Save 5 percent on complete outfit
  • Great for LARP, Ren faires, reenactments, and more

Here is what you get:

  • Sarina Suede Bodice #MY100117
  • Carmen Blouse #MY100124
  • Ursula Light Cotton Skirt #MY100358

Optional Accessories:

  • Diana Leather Ring Belt #MY100725
  • Ingmar Belt Bag #MY100302
  • Pip Coin Pouch #MY100540
  • Jadwiga Ladies Loafers #MY100953

Sizing And Measurements:

  • Sarina Suede Bodice:
    • Small: Chest – 32.3 Inches, Waist – 25.2 Inches
    • Medium: Chest – 35.4 Inches, Waist – 28.3 Inches
    • Large: Chest – 38.6 Inches, Waist – 31.5 Inches
    • X-Large: Chest – 42.1 Inches, Waist – 35 Inches
  • Carmen Blouse:
    • Small: Chest – 32.3 Inches, Waist – 25.2 Inches, Length – 22.3 Inches
    • Medium: Chest – 35.4 Inches, Waist – 28.3 Inches, Length – 22.8 Inches
    • Large: Chest – 38.6 Inches, Waist – 31.5 Inches, Length – 23.5 Inches
    • X-Large: Chest – 42.1 Inches, Waist – 35 Inches, Length – 23.8 Inches
  • Ursula Light Cotton Skirt:
    • Small: Waist – 41 Inches, Length – 39.4 Inches
    • Medium: Waist – 42.5 Inches, Length – 39.4 Inches
    • Large: Waist – 44 Inches, Length – 39.4 Inches
    • X-Large: Waist – 45.6 Inches, Length – 39.4 Inches
    • XX-Large: Waist – 47.25 Inches, Length – 39.4 Inches
  • Diana Leather Ring Belt:
    • Length: 61 Inches
    • Width: 1 Inch
  • Ingmar Belt Bag:
    • Height: 5.5 Inches
    • Width: 6.3 Inches
    • Volume: 30 oz.
    • Weight: 2.82 oz.
  • Pip Coin Pouch:
    • Length: 3.9 Inches
    • Width: 2.8 Inches
  • Jadwiga Ladies Loafers:
      European Shoe Sizes. Runs true to size – these are not available in Wide or Narrow, just Standard

Measurements are approximate.


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