Regal Queens Rhinestone Crown


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Gleaming with tremendous beauty, the Regal Queens Rhinestone Crown has a highly ornate, traditional style. This silver queens crown has glimmering rhinestones throughout, forming delicate flowers and tall, pointed petal-shaped peaks. The clear rhinestones cover most of this Renaissance queens crown, even bordering the wide bottom edge. Ideal for Renaissance weddings, costume balls, and other formal occasions, this tall, royal rhinestone crown brings magnificence to historical and fantasy outfits alike.

Key Features:

  • Features flower rhinestone shapes
  • Hardware has a silver tone throughout
  • Perfect accessory for medieval queen outfits
  • Great for medieval weddings, costume balls, and more


  • Made of plated copper with rhinestone accents


  • Height: 5 Inches

Measurements are approximate.

One Size25 inches8 inches5 inches


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