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Ensure that your princess or queen costume looks truly regal by wearing the right accessory like the Heart Princess Coronet. Made from electroplated copper, this mini crown comes in gold and silver color options. It sits on a small comb to slide into the hair. Also, at the ends of the band, there are loops for securing it with bobby pins as well. Pins do not come included. Next, rhinestone crystals cover the semi-circular crown. They form a heart shape in the middle. The open-heart shape has a line of crystals in the center, ending with four crystals creating a diamond shape. Curved points sit on each side of the heart. They point away from the center and get progressively smaller. From medieval festivals to formal occasions and more, the Heart Princess Coronet is ideal for a variety of outfits and events.

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Key Features:

  • Features a heart in the center
  • Covered in rhinestones
  • Small and regal appearance
  • Wonderful for a variety of outfits
  • Great for medieval and formal events


  • Made from copper with an electroplated finish
One Size1.8 inches


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