Red and White Leonine Heater Shield


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As armor became more robust, shields gradually got smaller. This Red and White Leonine Heater Shield is of a type that developed from the medieval kite shield in the 13th century, offering a small size for warriors, both on foot and mounted, to use. This shield is made entirely from fine woods, and echoes the look and style of a shield that almost any warrior would want to use. In classic heater shield design, it possesses a flat top with partially straight sides, with a gentle curve near the bottom that draws the base of the shield into a point. The term leonine means lion, and is a direct reference to the shields heraldic display, which possesses a bright and colorful design. The shields field, also known as the background, is bright red on which is emblazoned a white rampant lion with subtle blue details (such as its claws and teeth). In classic heraldry, the rampant lion is the attacking lion, with its jaws open wide and three claws held out, as if to tear into its foe. The shield is fully functional in its design, making it a stellar piece of equipment for any warrior to carry and use, either in defense of their person or to complete their ideal and perfect warrior look. With its little touch of history and its hardy design, this Red and White Leonine Heater Shield is a real warriors shield, one that will well-serve the fighter who carries it into battle, as well as the collector who gives it a place of honor on their wall.

Key Features:

  • A Traditionally Styled Medieval Heater Shield
  • Emblazoned With a Heraldic Lion
  • Possesses a Red and White Lion Charge with a Bright Red Field
  • Shield is Fully Functional
  • Great For Costume Use, Display, Mock-Battles, and More


  • Made Entirely from Fine Hardwoods


  • Height: 28 Inches
  • Width: 17.75 Inches
  • Weight: 3 Pounds 4 Ounces


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