Ragnar Viking Battle Axe


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The Ragnar Viking Battle Axe recalls a fierce Viking king from the 9th century. He had a reputation for wreaking havoc with an axe. This decorative Viking axe has a zinc alloy axe head and a wood haft. The thick haft features crisscrossed straps of leather. Meanwhile, the axe head has a single socket. The axe head has a bearded blade. The blade has a slight concave curve on the top. On the bottom, there is a steeper curve. Thus, the edge of the blade extends past the level of the socket more on the bottom than on the top. An engraved animal knotwork design adorns the bearded blade. You can add this polearm to any weaponry collection or decor. The Ragnar Viking Battle Axe also looks great added to a costume.

Key Features:

  • Completely decorative
  • Has a bearded blade
  • Features a wrapped haft
  • Engraved detailing
  • Wonderful for homes and offices


  • Blade is zinc alloy
  • Haft is wood


  • Length: 23.5 Inches
  • Weight: 1.4 Pounds

Measurements are approximate.


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