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Mother of Dragons Shoulder Pieces

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It is known that a queen without a throne wanders across the sea of grass, guarded by a trio of voracious dragons. These Mother of Dragons Shoulder Pieces emulate the filigree patterned pieces worn in the walled city she visits. Made to match the Mother of Dragons Belt (DK7008) and Mother of Dragons Vambraces (DK6077), these leather accessories are richly designed, featuring a cut-out pattern that is elegant and appealing. Hand crafted in our shop from high quality leather, these shoulder pieces are available in regal gold or startling black. Inspired by one of the outfits worn by Daenerys in Game of Thrones, the Mother of Dragons Shoulder Pieces have small stitching holes on the two short sides, so you may sew them to your dress.

Key Features:

  • Hand crafted in the USA, here in our shop
  • Available in gold or black
  • Displays an intricate scale-like cutout design
  • Designed to be sewn onto your Daenerys costume
  • Inspired by the Qarth style from Game of Thrones


  • Made from high quality 7/8 oz. leather

Measurements (Flat):

  • Length: 8.75 Inches
  • Width: 4.67 Inches


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