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LARP Wand Leather Sheath

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Traveling mages and sorcerers require a discreet place for their wand, ready for whatever may come. This LARP Wand Leather Sheath is a wonderful option. Made from 3/4 ounce vegetable tanned leather, this wand sheath comes in five color options. It can easily hold wands such as the brown Enchanter LARP Wand (MCI-3512), sold separately. Many other wands types can fit into this sheath.

The sheath has a straight shape with a pointed bottom. There is a pocket and loop for holding a wand. The top of the pocket has a similar curved point to the bottom edge. Stitching secures the pocket in place. On the top back, there is a loop for sliding the sheath onto a belt, not included. Rivets secure the belt loop. This streamlined sheath will not take attention away from your amazing wand. Take your wand with you to any magical LARP duel, wizardry school, or convention.

Key Features:

  • Streamlined appearance
  • Available in five colors
  • Can hold many different wand types
  • Can slide onto a belt, sold separately
  • Great for magical duels and events


  • Made of 3/4 ounce vegetable tanned leather


  • Length: 15 Inches
  • Width: 2 Inches
  • Fits Belts up to 3 Inches Wide

Measurements are approximate.


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