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Our Mens Medieval High Boots come up to just below the knee with wraparound fronts that lace on the outer sides of the boot for closure. These boots fit with outfits from many eras, from Viking and Barbarian to Peasant and Medieval. Made from a soft microfiber fabric, these boots display a sueded texture. These Mens Medieval High Boots are great for all day fun at the fair or festive nights at a costume party.

Key Features:

  • Top quality boots
  • Complement any Medieval or Renaissance outfit
  • Tie on the side allow for a custom fit
  • Calf is very adjustable


  • Made of microfiber
  • Synthetic sole
Standard US Shoe Sizes. Runs true to size. These are not available in Wide or Narrow, just Standard.
Shaft HeightHeel HeightCalf CircumferenceAnkle Circumference
Small (Size 8-9)12.4 inches0.75 inch15.25 inches14 inches
Medium (Size 10-11)13 inches0.75 inch16 inches14.5 inches
Large (Size 12-13)13.6 inches0.75 inch16.75 inches15 inches
X-Large (Size 14-15)14.25 inches0.75 inch17.5 inches16 inches

9 reviews for Mens Medieval Knee Boots

  1. Anonymous

    These are awesome I love them

  2. Anthony M.

    The boots are great for Ren Fairs. The feel great and are very comfortable. My only small complaint is the sizing of the boots. I wear a size 10 shoe, so I order the Medium size(10-11) boots and they were huge on me. Medieval Collectibles were great in exchanging them for a smaller size. I got my exchanged size really quick from them.

  3. John J.

    I bought the medieval knee boot for a roman outfit I had to wear in a recent Easter production I was a part of. The boots served their purpose and I am overall happy with my purchase. I bought the largest size for a size 12 foot size and it turned out to be a good fit.

  4. Joseph C.

    Was absolutely pleased with the boots and would recommend them to any serious buyer. They fit great and are very comfortable to include they look just as good if not better then the pictures.

  5. Steven T.

    These boots are very thin – but that did not surprise me given the price. The important thing to note is that they are at least loosely based on Medieval designs and that they fit and are light and comfortable.

    They take a moment to tie into place given the placement of the ties and knot on the side. You loop the strings around the knot, then tie them like you would your shoes. Except for the angle, it’s easy.

    I wear a size 12 and bought a large and they fit my feet very comfortably.

    I had the opportunity to wear these around the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, over damp and uneven ground, and they held up very well. I was concerned the strings might come undone or the tongue might slip but nothing of the sort happened. My feet remained comfortable throughout and I even wore the boots home for a 5-hour car ride.

    These boots are absolutely worth the price.

  6. Stephen C.

    I just spent 3 hours at the Maryland Renaissance Festival in full chainmaille and these boots were outstanding for comfort, fit, and durability.If your feet are wider than normal buy a larger size. (I wear 11 wide and got the 12+ size).

  7. mbaldassarre (verified owner)

    I bought these after a multi-return sizing snafu with the VILLAGER Boots and am very pleased with the result. Much as with the those, I aimed a size higher than was suggested above: I’m an 8 1/2 US Men’s and I ordered the MEDIUM (10-11) and they fit PERFECTLY. So… YMMV, but you may want to aim a size category higher that you’d expect based on the info above. They’re comfortable, but do not offer much in the way of padding or arch support, so if you usually use inserts, you may want to get a set for these as well. The upper portion is adjustable, so they can easily fit over bulky pants or leggings. they also don’t breathe much, so… GOOD SOCKS! A MUST! But all in all I’m very happy with this purchase and fell that they’re a very good starter boot for most costumes. Just watch the sizing!

  8. Kavalore (verified owner)

    I feel a bit offput by the immediate feeling the boots give, but I may leave an updated review if my immediate jurisdiction of these boots ends up false.
    The materiel does not feel low quality, but I feel like the high quality claim is a bit too much. It does not feel flimsy or easily breakable, but it’s not easily compared to something like leather or pelt. The main offputting thing is the soles. It says they’re synthetic, and it feels like plastic. I may end up wrong, but the immediate impression I get is that the soles may not handle walking best on concrete, pavement, or other hard surfaces, and are best to dirt, grass, light mud, or other softer surfaces that the soles would likely perform much better on. I will test them and will leave an updated review if my initial impressions are proven false.
    One thing of note, as other reviews insofar have noted, the boots are best when bought a size above your own. I wear size 12.5 mens and bought the size 14 boots, and with thicker wool socks, it fits quite snugly.

  9. Brian Krames (verified owner)

    Very soft brown suede, ties on the sides of the boots makes them more period than buckles. They are very comfortable & sturdy and much more realistic than other medieval boots. Perfect for any reenactor!!

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