Medieval Double Wrap Belt

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The Medieval Double Wrap Belt keeps your sword by your side the historical way. Early Celts to Renaissance fighters wore double wrap belts to comfortably carry their swords, though the medieval times is when this sword belt style was most popular. This medieval sword belt wraps around the body twice. This means both hips can support the weight of the sword. The structure creates a more balanced suspension as well as a swashbuckling look.

The included frog hanger is on the second layer of the belt. It laces up in the back and will fit most scabbards. It is made of sturdy 7/8 ounce leather with metal fittings, giving it a top grade construction. Choose from black with nickel silver studs or brown with brass studs. This medieval swordsman belt is perfect for your next medieval reenactment and works well for all kinds of medieval fantasy cosplays where your character carries a sword.

Key Features:

  • Attached frog adjusts to fit most scabbard
  • Double wrap style provides balanced suspension
  • Simple design goes nicely with many different looks


  • Made of 7/8 ounce leather with metal fittings

Waist SizeBelt Width
Small28-35 inches1.5 inches
Medium33-40 inches1.5 inches
Large38-45 inches1.5 inches
X-Large43-50 inches1.5 inches

14 reviews for Medieval Double Wrap Belt

  1. Faith J.

    It took me a few minutes to figure out precisely what part of the belt you started with and where the crossover should sit, but once I got that figured out I couldn’t be happier. Heavy-duty, quality materials. Glad I picked this one and not some thin-leathered, fall-apart-buckle knockoff. This is definitely built to last.

  2. Christopher C.

    Great product. Belt is not a prop, it is a fully functional weight bearing belt. The rivets are strong and good looking. Very pleased.

  3. Stig R.

    Fits well. Adjustable to the sword and waist. Sword hangs straight down, but can be tilted to draw.

  4. gshaffer88 (verified owner)

    Good belt for the money, sturdy enough to hold my 4lb sword + 1lb scabbard on the move. It appears wider in the photo, or maybe I’m just a bigger dude. I have a 36-37 inch waist and ordered the L/XL with it buckled to the last 2 holes. Took some getting used to for the proper crossing, but once you get it, you put the belt on with muscle memory ease. Definitely recommend, but I’d say go for the extra length and larger belt.

  5. Kirt Bosarge (verified owner)

    Fantastic piece the leather is high quality and the sheath/scabbard holder has a one size fits all style and it feels nice to wear

  6. Curt (verified owner)

    I ordered the XL and it fits perfect. Looks great and its great quality. I definitely recommend this product.

  7. crosbybrody (verified owner)

    Well made belt, highly recommend

  8. Timothy S (verified owner)

    Great as expected!

  9. hedgehog69692 (verified owner)

    Glad I bought this belt. Makes it comfortable to wear any of my swords. Rapier, Viking or Celtic.

  10. christopher.j.rowley (verified owner)

    (Black; XL) I generally wear a 34-36 waist in pants. The XL is probably too big for me, but we just added an extra hole. The leather is heavy and the belt is exceptionally well made and attractive. As stated by some others, learning to wear it correctly takes a moment (note: if the buckle seems to end up un your back, flip your scabbard over in the frog). Highly recommend.

  11. thwompchomp (verified owner)

    Solidly made, seems like it would work well, however it’s claim to “Fit all Scabbards” Is a bit overblown. Mine is larger than normal and it doesn’t quite fit which is a shame. It certainly seems like it would fit most… Small to average swords, but anything slightly unordinary may be asking too much.

  12. forsakencrusader3 (verified owner)

    This is a solid sword belt with a couple critical flaws(In my very specific case).
    Firstly, larger swords will likely not fit well in the belt, it can fit them because the(I haven’t a word for what to call it so I’ll call it a holder) is tied with leather lace(quite tough too, I expected it to break easily), but it looks amateur when the scabbard is far larger than the leather holder(I use a sword with a lade that’s about two and a half inches wide, the scabbard is large). The second flaw is that this belt is ambidextrous, which may sound lovely, but it meaneth that the sword isn’t meant to face forward or back, so longer scabbards will constantly need to be properly balanced or held in place to avoid scuffing the ground(Though this could be because I am quite a thin, wiry man, thus the bottom part of the belt hangeth low from it’s length).

    That said, the belt is very well made, adjustable to almost any size, ambidextrous, and will fit most thinner swords. I recommend this product if you use almost any type of single handed sword that isn’t to thick at the blade’s base.

  13. William Mayberry (verified owner)

    Sturdy and good looking, this thing does wonders for the wearability of a functional sword through Faire day. The double wrap is legit. My hips and back thanked me by buying me a mead.

    A caveat: you need more slack than you think. I’m 6’2” 180# and generally wear a 31”W pant, but medium was uncomfortably constricting and the large was way too big. However! Err on the big side. I punched some strap holes and grommeted and the thing fits soooo well and has even more silver adornment. Shockingly even the sword hangs better (no scabbard in the shoe!). Plus it fits with and without armor. Hopefully that helps with a little sizing context.

  14. Michael Barta (verified owner)

    good belt, true to size, good quality leather

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