Medieval Bone Hilt Dagger


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Simple does not always mean plain. When it comes to this Medieval Bone Hilt Dagger, the word simple means direct and uncomplicated, which means that this dagger is a great little companion blade to have in your collection or at your side. This dagger has a straight-edged steel blade that features a subtle slant, which gradually makes the blade more and narrower as it progresses from guard to point. Towards the end, the blade tapers and forms a solid point that looks like it would be quite effective for thrusting and stabbing attacks. A single steel crossbar forms the gently flared quillons of the guard, while the sphere shaped steel pommel serves to counter-balance the blades weight. The grip is easily the daggers most decorative feature, possessing a ringed, spiral design in bone-white. The dagger includes a matching scabbard that makes carrying and storing this blade quite easy. It measures approximately 22 inches in length. When it comes to this dagger, simplicity is a good thing, as it lends the Medieval Bone Hilt Dagger a level of versatility that makes this a great dagger to show off in your collection or carry with you when you enter the world of medieval reenactment.

Key Features:

  • A Simple Yet Versatile Medieval Dagger
  • Possesses Sturdy and Unsharpened Steel Blade
  • Hilt Features A Simple Guard and a Spiral-Styled Grip
  • Includes a Leather Wrapped Wood Scabbard
  • An Excellent Costume Blade, Training Weapon, or Display Piece


  • Overall Length: 22 Inches


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