Masonic Wax Sealing Stamp


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Known for their secretive and ritualistic ways, the Freemasons are a brotherhood who specialize in symbolism. The Masonic Wax Sealing Stamp displays their most prominent symbol – a square and compass with a large G at the center. This sealing stamp is crafted for functionality with a smooth rounded grip made of wood and a metal stamp. Included with this purchase is a stick of high quality sealing wax, allowing for its immediate use on arrival. Wax sealing stamps are spectacularly useful for those who seek to keep their correspondence private, as they dramatically increase the difficulty of the contents being secretly observed. The Masonic Wax Sealing Stamp is a spectacular accessory for the Mason who desires privacy and embraces the tried and true methods of history.

Key Features:

  • Functional wax sealing stamp
  • Handle is crafted from wood
  • Stamp is made from metal
  • Features a Freemason symbol
  • Includes a stick of sealing wax
  • Made in Italy
  • Delightful medieval accessory


  • Height: 4 Inches


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