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Leather Helm with Nasal Guard

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Our Leather Helm with Nasal Guard is made from hardened 13/15 oz. leather and is perfect for any type of re-enacting or costuming. Leather helmets are perfect for re-enactors, SCA, LARP, and even faire goers. They are lighter and more comfortable than a steel helmet, while still providing an authentic look and modest protection. You do not have to worry about keeping the helmet oiled to prevent rust like you would with a steel helmet. The helmet does not have a liner, so an arming cap or a little foam padding will provide a custom fit. The inner diameter is 23.5 inches. This helmet features a formed nasal guard. This helmet is available in black or brown leather.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from 13/15 oz. leather
  • Molded and hardened helmet
  • Norman style nasal guard


  • Inner Circumference: 23 Inches

1 review for Leather Helm with Nasal Guard

  1. Anonymous

    this helm is a lot bigger than it looks in the picture. you will 100% need some sort of arming cap to wear under it. its real leather, very sturdy, and heavy.

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