Large Slingshot Style Crossbow

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Exquisitely fashioned to replicate a weapon used by 16th century nobleman, the Large Slingshot Style Crossbow is extraordinarily intricate in its design. This decorative crossbow differs from most. Its historical design would fire stones rather than bolts. The stock of this crossbow is made from hardwood and features a curve beneath the bowstring, but is otherwise straight. Golden metallic accents adorn the stock and provide a regal appearance to this design. Hemp strings are used for the bowstrings, which are kept separated by two wooden spacers and have a leather socket located at their center. Their ends are attached to the leather chamfered ends of the steel bow. This crossbow is functional to fire and employs a pulling mechanism to do so. Although this is a functional weapon, it is not meant for hunting or target shooting. It is advised to exercise caution when used and not intended to fire at other beings. Experience a taste of European nobility with the stylish design of the Large Slingshot Style Crossbow.

While the parts of this crossbow are functional, it is not intended to be fired. This crossbow is intended for decorative use.

Stock is made of natural materials. Wood grain appearance will vary slightly.

Key Features:

  • Completely decorative
  • Stock is crafted from hardwood
  • Bow is made from steel
  • Functionally fires, not meant for hunting or shooting at people
  • Made in Italy
  • Exceptionally high quality


  • Length: 28 Inches
  • Width: 22 Inches


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