Korfu Greek Kopis


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Fight your foes on the battlefield alongside Leonidas, Odysseus, or Alexander the Great with the Korfu Greek Kopis in hand. This Hoplite sword is ideal for Greek reenactments and battles. Not only functional, it looks great in the hand of any warrior from Ancient Greece.

Made from C60 high-carbon steel, this fully functional sword has a curved blade that curves down towards the tip, typical of a kopis style sword. A thick ridge runs along the spine to stiffen it. This was a common feature in the Bronze and early Iron Ages. In addition, the unsharpened blade has an elongated and widened tip that is flattened, helping to separate a target as the blade passes through.

At the base, the blade widens back out meeting the hilt. A pair of copper scales forms the hilt. Steel rivets secure them to the full tang of the blade. The ends of the hook curve and face each other to help protect the hand. Near the blade, the hilt forms a fish tail-like shape. On the pommel, the hilt looks like a birds head and beak, with the beak pointing towards the blade. The shape of the grip helps to maximize contact for empowering strikes and cuts, as well as makes it less taxing to wield.

Finally, this sword comes with a wooden scabbard. Brown leather covers the scabbard. It has two pairs of hanging belt loops, allowing the wielder to choose between a vertical or angled hang. We sell separately a range of buckle belts and ring belts that would look great with this sword. Of course, when you are not taking this Spartan sword into battle, make sure to maintain it with some of our maintenance supplies.

Historical Context

This Greek sword bases its design on a 4th century BC original, from the National Archaeological Museum in Athens. The name of this sword references a Greek island, Corfu, that is steeped in Greek myth, including associations to Poseidon and Odysseus.

Key Features:

  • Fully functional
  • Based on 4th century BC original
  • Has a bird-like hilt
  • Designed for chopping
  • Ideal for Greek reenactments


  • Blade is C60 high-carbon steel
  • Hilt is copper with steel rivets
  • Scabbard is wood with leather

Care Instructions:

Overall LengthBlade LengthGrip LengthBlade ThicknessBlade Width at WidestBlade Width at NarrowestPoint of BalanceWeight
One Size26.8 inches22.75 inches3.1 inches0.12-0.18 inches1.8 inches1.1 inches3 inches1 pound 15.5 ounces


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