Knightly 3/4 Leather Leg Armour

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Our Knightly 3/4 Leather Leg Armour is a great start to protective coverings for your legs. It is a combination of leather cuisses, which protect your upper legs, and leather poleyns, which protect your knees while still allowing for ease of movement. This hand-crafted armor is composed of several leather plates that have been riveted together. These pieces of armour are not designed to come apart which ensures maximum protection and durability. The leather used to craft this armour is not only top quality but armour-grade 13/15 oz. leather. It is stiff and thick, and works fantastically as armour. The leather poleyns have been designed to allow for a good range of moment, ensuring that this leg armour will not slow you down much, if at all. This set of leg armour secures to the leg via a system of straps and buckles, two on the upper thigh, one at the knee and one below the knee. There is also a belt loop at the top of the legs that can be attached to your belt if desired. This leg armour features a very classic style with a shaped and molded knee, great for any Knight. The Knightly Leather Leg Armour is a fantastic start to leg armor that will keep your upper legs and knees safe for many battles to come. If you are looking for full leg protection, simply pair these with any of our under-knee style greaves.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from top quality 13/15 oz. leather
  • Protects the upper leg and knees
  • Comfortable, provides a great fit
  • Attach by straps and buckles


  • Overall Length: 21 Inches
  • Ankle (Width): 8 Inches
  • Calf (Width): 9.75 Inches

5 reviews for Knightly 3/4 Leather Leg Armour

  1. David O.

    These are really awesome ! Definitely a great addition to my knight costume. As with any new leather, they’re a little stiff out of the box. But some mink oil rubbed and worked in and you’re good to go. These are REAL armor pieces. Be prepared for a little weight, and a little temperature.

  2. William C.

    Got these to compliment existing armor. Out of the box they are really amazing. They flex well and fit perfectly. (I’m 6’2″ so bear that in mind.). The only thing keeping me from a 5 star review is the fact that they popped a rivet pretty fast under intense conditions… which I was easily able to remedy at the local leather outlet.

  3. nils.olson (verified owner)

    Perfect fit to provide the thighs protection without sacrificing knee mobility. Also, with the belt loop on the side, you can put additional padding under them and have the belt hold up both the padding and the armor.

  4. nathanjbryan (verified owner)

    Love the product. Fitted well and very impressed with the leather quality. The fact they got to New Zealand in only 12 days blew my mind. Only adjustment I had to make is to harden the knees to make them SCA legal in my country, and harden the thighs to make sure the leg shots don’t get hurt.
    Highly recommend these, very happy with them. So happy with them I have told everyone in my SCA kingdom about this great online shop.
    Keep up the good work.

  5. Matthew Novak (verified owner)

    10/10 and I could not be happier with my purchase. Amazing quality, fit, and function. I ordered in black and had to air out for a short while because the leather dye was rather strong, but this wasn’t a problem. If you’re thinking of purchasing, just go ahead and order – you won’t be disappointed.

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