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3/4 Mercenary Leather Legs

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Our 3/4 Mercenary Legs are made of thick, combat ready 13/15 oz. leather. The knee features your choice of a classic clover style or fishtail style design. These legs are fully articulated. They include all of the straps and buckles needed to wear them. They are available in black or brown.

When purchasing armour pieces, in order for the pieces to be compatible, it is best to stay within the brand.

Key Features:

  • Hand Crafted from Top Quality 13/15 ounce Leather
  • Provides great protection for the knee and thigh
  • Can be used in SCA or LARP


  • This leg armour is a standard size. The measurement from the top of the knee to groin is 12 Inches. If you need a custom size please contact us to order.


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