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First designed in the early 1700s, the American Long Rifle would forever change the face of firearms in the US. This replica is named after the affectionate nickname it earned, the Kentucky Long Rifle, from a song titled, The Hunters of Kentucky. This song was originally about Andrew Jackson, who won a great victory over the British in the Battle of New Orleans, which was the final major battle of the War of 1812. One of the key features of the Kentucky rifle that made it so effective was that it was one of the first firearms to feature a rifled bore, which enhanced its accuracy and made it deadly up to ranges of 300 yards, if a shooter knew what they were doing. This impressive replica recreates the long rifle in stunning detail. The rifles frame is solid wood and adorned with brass metal fittings along the full, barrel-long foregrip, while also featuring a grass butt-plate on the stock. The lock mechanism and barrel are both burnished, black iron-finished, while the trigger guard echoes the brass finish of its accents. Even more appealing about this replica is that it features a working lock mechanism and trigger, allowing the lock to be rotated and the trigger to be squeezed, which creates a soft clink to simulate the rifle firing. As it is made to be a decorative replica, this rifle cannot be modified to fire live shells or to accept gunpowder loads, and so it is also completely safe for use as a prop weapon and display piece, as well. Also, it should not be excessively dry fired. We cannot really blame early frontier reenactors for not wanting to take an old antique rifle onto the field, so instead, this Kentucky Long Rifle makes for a fine stand-in, as it features the realism of the real deal with all the safety of a replica, making it the best of both worlds when looks are concerned.

Key Features:

  • A Non-Firing, Decorative Replica Rifle
  • A Detailed Replica of the Early American Long Rifle
  • Modeled After the Original, Full-Length Version
  • Possesses an Incredibly Realistic Look and Feel
  • Has a Working Lock Mechanism and Trigger
  • A Great Collectible, Display Piece, Prop Weapon, or Gift Idea


  • Made from a Zinc Alloy
  • Features a Stunning Wood Frame


  • Overall Length: 59 Inches
  • Overall Weight: 5 lbs.


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