Infinity Dragon Mirror


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When you look into a mirror, infinity is rarely what you see, except when you look into this Infinity Dragon Mirror. In its surface, you will see not only yourself, but an infinite dragon that hangs across the body of the mirror. Impressive in its fantasy design, this handsome mirror takes the classic circular shape and adds in its own special twist. The round frame of the mirror is decorated with a continual Celtic knot, which adds a little extra style to the mirrors design, while the top features a winged dragon. Perched along the upper rim, this dragon is seemingly relaxed, letting its tail hang across the surface of the mirror. Its tail twists and curls, and along with its hanging head, it creates an infinity symbol on the surface of the mirror. This divides the mirrors surface into two tomoe shapes, giving it a similar look to the yin yang or the taijitu symbol. The frame and dragon decoration on the mirror are both made entirely of cold cast resin and given a hand-painted finish that helps them to resemble dark grey stone. The mirror contained within is functional and serves well in bedrooms, dressing rooms, or even as a decoration in hallways. You may not see the vastness of infinity stretching out before you, but with this Infinity Dragon Mirror, you can certainly a catch a glimpse of it every time you glance at your reflection using this mirror.

Key Features:

  • Hand-painted to feature stunning detail
  • Decorated with a resting dragon with a long tail
  • Dragon forms an infinity symbol, mirror forms a yin and yang shape
  • Fully functional mirror, great for use or decoration
  • Makes for a great home decor piece or gift idea


  • Frame made from cold cast resin


  • Height: 20 Inches
  • Width: 15 Inches


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