Hand & A Half Training Sword by Cold Steel

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Ideal for combat training, the Hand & A Half Training Sword is made of sturdy polypropylene of the heaviest grade available, making it virtually indestructible and safe to use while duplicated the size, weight, and feel of a real blade. Minimize the possibility of injury using this training weapon. A step beyond a wooden training sword, this polypropylene practice sword will not rot, chip, or splinter. Nearly impervious to the elements, impressively strong, and highly resistant to cuts, the Hand & A Half Training Sword is your go-to when it comes to practicing new sword moves or honing existing skills.

Some assembly required.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for training and practicing uses
  • Synthetic material is virtually indestructible
  • Replicates a medieval bastard sword
  • Great for martial arts, sparring, and more


  • Made of polypropylene


  • Weight: 31.7 oz.
  • Blade Thickness: 1 Inch
  • Blade Length: 34 Inches
  • Handle: 10 Inches
  • Overall Length: 44 Inches

7 reviews for Hand & A Half Training Sword by Cold Steel

  1. Sean D.

    This sparring sword is the best synth sword i have ever bought. Thank you cold steel for giving me this sword!!! It is rugged, reliable and can take a beating. I highly recommend this item to all medieval combat enthusiasts.

  2. xzhao287 (verified owner)

    The balance is way too far from the grip, at least 10′ away from the crossguard, hard to swing like a normal longsword. Otherwise, it’s an excellent practice sword for strength and stamina. Sturdy and firm, very good material. decent price for a beginner.

  3. Debanish Velez (verified owner)

    Got this as a present for my son. He loves it, good quality and very sturdy and feels good to someone not used to handling swords. The balance is a little far from the handle, but just takes a little getting used to. Other than that, a great buy.

  4. sirlanceval (verified owner)

    This is a great synthetic sword, but it doesn’t simulate the proper weight proportions of a real hand and a half. That doesn’t mean it’s not good though! I’m not lying when I say it, I actually TRIED to break it, but nothing worked. For such a cheap price, I’d be fine with ordering a second one, but this thing just will not budge! They’re not kidding when they say it’s virtually unbreakable. If you do plan on buying this though, do note that if you don’t have big and or meaty hands, I highly recommend getting a pair of gloves or gauntlets too, as the grip can dig into your skin. Overall, a great sword.

  5. evan.obusek (verified owner)

    The sword’s balance is way off, but it isn’t too hard to handle in two hands. Other than that, the sword is great: it’s substantial, durable and very affordable.

  6. Baylee Burger (verified owner)

    It’s a really excellent sword for the price. If you want to use this for actual sparring, be warned that it hits like a ton of bricks. My only real complaint is that it’s a little unbalanced and the pommel has sharp and edges which don’t turn in my palm very naturally.

  7. scottrtryon (verified owner)

    Inexpensive yet sturdy. Also hefty and hard–it feels like it could cause some nasty bruises and fracture bones if you’re not careful while sparring, much like the average quarterstaff. Heck, I and one of my roommates knocked up a cold pumpkin real good with this thing, and I wound up demolishing said pumpkin when I waylaid it with the sword’s crossguard. Thus, if you must spar with this thing, be careful how you use it and make sure your partner has some decent protection. (That might be the case with any synthetic sparring weapon; I am no expert.)

    Aside from that and the lackluster crossguard, swinging this thing around is good exercise, and it goes nicely with the sword frog I bought alongside it.

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