Grandeur Crown Mini Tiara


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Anyone may wish to feel like a princess or a grand ruler. With the Grandeur Crown Mini Tiara adorning their head, they are sure to look like one. Plated in sterling silver, this tiara has an open, U-shaped base. It is open at the back. Each end of the tiara has a comb for securing it onto the head. Many rhinestones adorn the crown. They form three points ending in teardrop gemstones. The rhinestones also form curves to create an elegant, scrolled design. You can wear the Grandeur Crown Mini Tiara for a variety of events, from medieval festivals to formal occasions.

Key Features:

  • Has a curved, U-shaped base
  • Secures with combs on the sides
  • Features multiple white crystals
  • Perfect for regal-looking characters
  • Wonderful for a variety of events


  • Plated in sterling silver

One Size15.25 inches5.5 inches


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