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Queens, royals, and other nobles look truly regal when they wear a crown like the Crystal Lady Coronet upon their head. Made from electroplated copper, this mini crown comes in gold and silver color options. It sits on a comb to slide into the hair. Rhinestone crystals cover the semi-circular coronet. They form a series of seven loops radiating out from the middle of the band. The outer four loops are longer than the three in the middle. The center loop has a pointed top. From medieval faires to formal occasions and more, the Crystal Lady Coronet is ideal for a variety of outfits and events.

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Key Features:

  • Features a seven-loop design
  • Covered in crystals
  • Small and regal appearance
  • Wonderful for a variety of outfits
  • Great for medieval events and more


  • Made from copper with an electroplated finish

One Size1.1 inches


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