Gothic Womens Lace Shoulder Shirt


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A true wonder of modern gothic style is that it can be hip, eccentric, and contemporary one minute, and then strikingly beautiful and elegant the next. This Gothic Womens Lace Shoulder Shirt perfectly demonstrates that same level of versatility. Delightfully two-toned, this shirt combines classic black with elegant black lace, while adding in a unique design that creates a stunning garment that is, all at once, perfectly casual yet lovely in its look. The shirt features black floral lace around the neckline, as well as a stripe of black lace that runs down one side of the shirt. The lace on the neckline runs at a slight slant, creating an asymmetrical design that is quite appealing to see. One shoulder is lace, the other is black fabric. In contrast, one sleeve is black fabric and connects to the lace shoulder, while one sleeve is black lace and connects to the black fabric shoulder. The shirt is made entirely from high quality viscose fabric. Viscose is a form of rayon, which, as a fabric, ensures that the shirt is light and airy, as well as incredibly soft to feel. With some slacks, this shirt makes for a classy yet casual garment for any girl to wear. But with some thought, some more formal additions, and a few great accessories, this Gothic Womens Lace Shoulder Shirt makes for a lovely addition to gothic formal wear, as well.

Key Features:

  • Made from Quality Materials
  • Features a Classic Gothic Design
  • A Stylish and Unique Garment
  • A Great Garment for Casual Wear
  • Available in Several Sizes
  • Perfect for Personal Wear or Gifting

Chest Sleeve Length Overall Length Waist
Small 28 inches 21 inches 24 inches 30 inches
Medium 30 inches 22.25 inches 23.25 inches 32 inches
Large 32 inches 22.5 inches 24.5 inches 34 inches
X-Large 34 inches 24.25 inches 25.25 inches 36 inches
XX-Large 36 inches NA NA 37 inches


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