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The closed helmet is the typical helm that is often thought of when picturing a typical knight of the middle ages, and this European Closed Helmet does not fail to deliver on iconic and classic detail, as its design evokes images of knights in shining armor. This helmet is modeled after typical European closed helmets, possessing a rounded crown with a ridge-like crest across the helmets top, which acts as both additional decoration and added support and defense. The front of the helm possesses a slim eye-slit that is designed to let the wearer see out of the helmet, while also limiting any projectiles or wooden arrow or lance splinters from slipping through. The helmet also features decorative cut-outs along the visor-like mouthpiece, which help to ventilate the helmet as much to allow the wearer to breathe easier when the helmet is worn. The helmet continues down into a protective, gorget-like collar. This helmet is made from mild 18 gauge steel, making it the perfect choice to wear whenever you are looking for that authentic looking medieval warrior style. The 18 gauge thickness makes it a particularly good choice as a costume helm, as well as a stellar LARP helm and a great piece for light reenactment, too. All in all, this European Closed Helmet provides a great degree of protection, while the iconic and classic form makes it a noteworthy piece for any enthusiast and collector to own and display, too.

Key Features:

  • A Traditional Medieval Knights Helmet
  • Front of Helm Features a Narrow Vertical Eye Slit
  • Possesses a Short Wedge Crest Along the Helms Crown
  • A Great Armor Accent to Any Medieval Knight or Soldier Costume
  • Stunning as a Display Item, Collectors Piece, or Gift


  • Made from Fine 18 Gauge Mild Steel

Head CircumferenceOverall HeightWeight
One Size25.5 inches14.5 inches6.31 lbs

1 review for European Closed Helmet

  1. chainsaw_bunny13 (verified owner)

    Let me start off this review by saying I’m rating this product 5 stars primarily because of the durability, quality, and design of it.
    It feels incredibly solid and well-built, looks great, and is surprisingly comfortable! It even fit my head, which I consider larger than average.

    However, I have a few issues with the product itself.
    It’s mostly my fault for impulse-purchasing and not doing a ton of research or examining the pictures closely.

    First off, the visibility is not the greatest. Again, it’s my fault for not noticing that the Eye Slit is positioned a little high to see out of at comfortable angles.
    Unless your posture is worse than mine, that Eye Slit is gonna be angled about 45 degrees higher than where your eyes normally look.
    Sadly, the vertical slots below the Eye Slit also don’t make good primary viewing ports, but that’s a bit more obvious from the pictures.

    While my backup for this would be to keep the faceplate open, it unfortunately does not open fully.
    Again, this is something I could’ve avoided by looking closer at the position of the hinges and realizing that they just “don’t work that way.”

    That’s about all of the issues I have with this product, but I definitely do not regret my purchase.
    It’s still a great looking piece that would make excellent for displays, or in situations where comfortable visibility is not a priority. It’s still very fun to wear!
    Hopefully this helps anyone who was on the fence about this product or just never considered the things that I didn’t consider as well.

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