Epic Adventure Long Sleeved T-Shirt

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The epic adventure of The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey comes to dazzling life in the graphic of the official movie Long Sleeved T-Shirt. The characters of the Hobbit tale burst forth from this black, Long Sleeved T-Shirt in bold postures, rich detail, and tremendous color. Bilbo Baggins, clad in the rustic tones of the Shire, holds his sword Sting aloft, its blade glowing blue as danger is near. Thorin Oakenshield wields the elven blade Orcrist, its edge catching and refracting a strong beam of light. Gandalf the Grey holds his wizards staff high, shedding light in the darkest places of the world. And all about, enemies lurk. Bolg casts a menacing glower from the back of this grand scene, but the dwarves are undeterred in their quest. This Long Sleeved Hobbit T-Shirt is truly magnificent in scope.

Key Features:

  • Displays Bilbo, Thorin, Gandalf, and Bolg
  • Licensed Hobbit Apparel
  • Made from 100% Cotton
  • Pre-Shrunk T-Shirt is Machine Washable


  • Small: Chest 36 Inches, Length 27 Inches, Sleeve Length 22.25 Inches
  • Medium: Chest 40 Inches, Length 29 Inches, Sleeve Length 23.25 Inches
  • Large: Chest 44 Inches, Length 31 Inches, Sleeve Length 24.25 Inches
  • X-Large: Chest 48 Inches, Length 32 Inches, Sleeve Length 25.25 Inches
  • XX-Large: Chest 52 Inches, Length 33 Inches, Sleeve Length 26.25 Inches
  • XXX-Large: Chest 56 Inches, Length 34 Inches, Sleeve Length 27.25 Inches


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