Before there was the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, there was The Hobbit. This fantasy novel captivated millions with its clever story, which tells the tale of a homebody hobbit who is thrust from his home by a company of dwarves to seek fame, fortune, and adventure in a world that he, despite being a part of it, could only begin to fathom or wonder at. The Hobbit, also known under its full title of The Hobbit, or There and Back Again, was written by acclaimed author J. R. R. Tolkien and was published on September 21 in 1937. It inevitably achieved world-wide acclaim, and it was the clamor for more that led Tolkien to begin writing his famous trilogy later that year. The Hobbit is all about Bilbo Baggins, who was once a very traditional and insular hobbit. A company of thirteen dwarves, though, and a wizard all change Bilbos life by introducing him to a life of adventure. Here we pay homage to this old story by breathing new life into its characters, its designs, and its memorable moments by allowing you to enjoy them in your own life. How? We carry a huge assortment of items that are inspired by The Hobbit, as well as a number of licensed products that are perfect for the Tolkien collector! We have fully functional hobbit pipes that allow you to enjoy a nice puff of tobacco, just as the characters might have in their downtime, as well as Hobbit jewelry that is perfect for adorning yourself in the glimmering accessories that hail from the world of Middle-earth. And of course, we also offer a number of costumes that will give you the likeness of your favorite characters, including costumes that will transform you into your favorite wizard, dwarf, or hobbit. Plus, we have The Hobbit swords and weapons you need to make your costume really stand out. So as you can see, we have all the collectibles you need to celebrate your love of this classic tale, as well as a wide selection of Hobbit t-shirts that all but ensure that you can stay decked out in the gear that shows how much you truly love this novel (as well as the movie series).

The Hobbit Pipes
The Hobbit Pipes (37)

Tobacco is a popular pastime in the lands of Middle-earth, and it should come as no surprise that hobbits, wizards, dwarves, and more indulge in a good puff from their pipe every now and then. That is why we carry a number of beautifully handcrafted wooden pipes that are perfect not only for collection, but also for use! That is right, each and every one of the pipes you see listed here in this category are more than just pretty display pieces. Each one is a fully functional wood pipe that has been prepared for use, ensuring that when and if you decide to enjoy a nice moment alone, you can do so with the finest wood pipe that was used by your favorite dwarf, wizard, or human from The Hobbit. These pipes are crafted from top quality woods, including such materials as white ash, briar, cherry, and red oak, to name a few. The stems of the pipes are detachable, which makes cleaning a breeze. The pipes are finished with a beautiful (yet perfectly safe) stain, as well as having been buffed with the finest Carnauba wax, which helps to draw out the natural beauty of the wood. And even if you do not smoke, these pipes make for fine display pieces that look like antiques that come direct to you from the world of The Hobbit (and perhaps even directly from the hands of your favorite character, whether that is Bilbo, Gandalf, Thorin, or anyone else), making them great for display as a part of your Tolkien inspired collection. So if you are looking for a functioning pipe, an intriguing new collectible for your Tolkien collection, or even a prop to complete your LOTR character, then you have found just that when it comes to any one of these fine pipes inspired by Tolkiens The Hobbit.

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The Hobbit Swords & Weapons
The Hobbit Swords & Weapons (17)

Thorin and his company of dwarves might have hoped for a peaceful journey, but they certainly did not embark on a journey to the Lonely Mountain without the proper arms to defend themselves. Here you will find their weapons as well as the memorable arms of other characters from Middle-earth, all recreated for your viewing and owning pleasure. Now you can own your favorite weapon that you saw used against the vilest denizens of Middle-earth. Orcrist, the legendary Elvish blade that Thorin claimed for himself, can be yours, and with it comes the same elvish look and feel that really makes the blade look like a peerless piece of elven bladework. Of course, we also offer Sting, the blade that Bilbo Baggins acquires around the same time that Thorin claims Orcrist and Gandalf claims Glamdring (which is also available here). Each of the blades, axes, and staves that you will find here are made from the finest materials, and each one is made to look like its on-screen replica (which in turn is designed to resemble the swords as they were described in the books that they are featured in). And more than just swords from the Hobbit, you will also find swords from the Lord of the Rings trilogy here, too, allowing you to own the arms of the warriors who came later! As far as Hobbit collectibles go, very little can compete with the look and feel of an awesome weapon, and those are exactly what you will find here when you take a look at our The Hobbit Swords section.

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The Hobbit T-Shirts
The Hobbit T-Shirts (225)

The Hobbit is a story that countless individuals across the globe are familiar with, as well as a popular tale that has caught the interest of adults and children alike. And now, adults and children can enjoy The Hobbit in a whole new way by wearing one of The Hobbit t-shirts right here. More than just t-shirts, these garments are almost collectibles in their own right, as each one is printed with a beautiful design that hails back to The Hobbit in one way or another. Among the designs you will find Thorin and his Company of Dwarves, ensuring that if you have a favorite, you can wear him as a part of your day-to-day attire. It does not matter if you love Thorin, Gloin, Balin, or even Bifur, Bombur, or Dori, because we have shirts for the whole group. The unlikely hero Bilbo Baggins makes an appearance on many of the shirts, as does Gandalf. And we even feature a few that showcase the storys villains, including the Goblins of the Misty Mountains and the trio of trolls that almost made Bilbo Baggins into their next meal! Many of these shirts are made from high quality 100 percent cotton, which makes them quite comfortable to wear. This means that any one of The Hobbit t-shirts makes for a great t-shirt to wear casually. Plus, the shirts are available in a variety of different styles, including fitted womens t-shirts and junior t-shirts, all alongside our classic mens t-shirts! Basically, you are sure to find your ideal The Hobbit t-shirt here, ensuring that whether you are grabbing one as a gift or as a personal garment, you get exactly what you are looking for and more.

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