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Dragon with Rose Shot Glass


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Spice up your next hosting event with a touch of gothic fantasy like the Dragon with Rose Shot Glass. Balancing elegance and attitude, this drinking item is sure to impress your friends and have them wanting their very own. This shot glass has a glossy black finish that enhances the gothic tone. There is a pewter emblem that depicts a dragon wrapped around a rose on the side of the glass. Molded and textured detailing creates a dazzling depiction of this dragon and rose. The subtle look of this drinkware is as stylish as it is daring so be sure to grab a Dragon with Rose Shot Glass while you can.

Key Features:

  • Inspired by gothic fantasy
  • Features glossy finish and detailed emblem
  • Ideal for gifting or collecting


  • Made from Fine Glass
  • Decorated with a Pewter Emblem


  • Height: 3.37 Inches


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