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The pentacle is a classic staple as far as mysticism goes, especially thanks to its symbolic meaning of harmony, spiritual power, and elemental balance. This Moon Pentacle Plaque takes that design a step further, though, with lunar intrigue. This impressive plaque is every inch the classic pentacle, but a few new twists make it so much more, too. The round shape features touches of Celtic knotwork along its edges, while the central five-point star is done in a trio of lines, with only the central line making each of the stars five points, while the two flanking lines break off into secondary Celtic knots. A moon, carved with Celtic swirls, is bound into four of the stars points, while a Celtic Triskelion swirl rests at the plaques center. Engraved into the sides of the plaque is a quote, which reads I am the beauty of the green earth and the white moon among the stars. The plaque is crafted entirely in fine resin materials, and it comes in either a fine stone or a lovely silver finish. In spite of a pagan and wiccan style, you do not have to be either of those to own this Moon Pentacle Plaque. Instead, you just have to appreciate the beauty and appeal that it can bring to any decor it is placed in.

Key Features:

  • An Original Design by Sculptor Paul Borda
  • Crafted Entirely in Fine Resin Materials
  • An Iconic Pentacle with Celtic Knots and Lunar Designs
  • Possesses Either a Silver or a Stone Finish
  • A Fantastic Home Decor Item
  • Great for Personal Use or Gifting


  • Diameter: 6.375 Inches
  • Depth: 0.75 Inches


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