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In between targets, you need a easy way to span your crossbow and load a new bolt for your next shot. By attaching this Crossbow Belt Hanger to your belt, you can use it to span your crossbow more easily for less time between shots. Consisting of a leather belt loop and a pair of hooks, this simple device goes on your belt, with the hooks hanging down and facing out. After you’ve fired a bolt, you flip the crossbow, catch the string on the hooks, and squat down. Then, with your foot in the crossbow’s stirrup, you straighten, using leverage and body strength to span the bow for your next shot. It can also double over as an easy hanger to carry your crossbow, should the weapon be light enough.

Key Features:

  • Leather matches the Crossbow Bolt Quiver (item number AH-5121)
  • Belt loop makes carrying the hanger a breeze
  • Designed to help with spanning a crossbow using leverage and body strength
  • Compatible with most crossbows that feature a stirrup
  • Metal hooks are sturdy to strongly hold your weapon
  • The perfect addition to your crossbow accessories


  • Constructed from blackened steel
  • Has a belt loop made of leather


  • Overall Length: 10.1 Inches


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