Crisso Shoulder Armour Bundle

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Crisso Single Pauldron

Crisso Shoulder Harness

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When you decide to fight with your right hand, it is wise to protect your left shoulder. Use the Crisso Shoulder Armour Bundle to guard your shoulder. This set includes both the shoulder harness and single pauldron. They are both available in either black or brown. Together, they make it easy to protect the left shoulder from the enemy and provides a unique touch to any warrior aesthetic. Best of all, you will save 5% on the set. This package makes a great addition to a variety of medieval and fantasy outfits. It works well for a LARP event or cosplay convention.

Key Features:

  • Includes the Crisso Shoulder Harness and Pauldron
  • Save 5% on entire set
  • Provides a unique touch to a warrior aesthetic
  • Wonderful for a variety of characters
  • Especially great for LARP battles and faire events

Here is what you get:

  • Crisso Single Pauldron #MY100859
  • Crisso Shoulder Harness #MY100858


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