Combat Hand-and-a-Half Sword

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Warrior, as you head into battle, you are aware of the dangers ahead. You skillfully wield the Combat Hand-and-a-Half Sword. Made from EN42J spring steel, this functional sword features a long double-edged blade. A fuller runs down the length of the blade. The blade has a core hardness of 45 HRC with the edges having a hardness of 50 HRC. The thicker edges make the sword heavier and provides more durability. Based on a 13th century longsword, this broad blade works well for slashing. Also, it has a long balance point which is great for cutting power. The blade is unsharpened and has a rounded tip. This makes it safer for HEMA drills and stage combat.

Next, the Combat Hand-and-a-Half Sword continues with a cruciform crossguard. The steel crossguard is thinner and narrower at the ends than at the center. Then, the hilt has a leather-wrapped grip. There are a couple of ridges on the grip which make it easier to grasp. The hilt ends with a disk-shaped steel pommel with chamfered edges. Finally, this sword comes with a leather-wrapped wooden scabbard. The brown scabbard has a leather belt for wearing it on your hip. This sword works well for a variety of characters. Wield the Combat Hand-and-a-Half Sword as a medieval or fantasy warrior.

Key Features:

  • Meant for stage combat use
  • Based on 13th century sword
  • Has a ridged grip for a better grasp
  • Comes with a scabbard
  • Useful for HEMA drills or stage combat
  • Makes a great addition to a sword collection


  • Blade is EN42J spring steel
  • Scabbard and handle are wood with leather wrapping

Care Instructions:

Overall LengthBlade LengthHandle LengthWidth at GuardEdge WidthPoint of BalanceEdge HardnessCore HardnessWeight
One Size44.5 inches35.3 inches7 inches2 inches0.08 inch7 inches50 HRC45 HRC3 pounds


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