Red Messer Guard


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A great way to add an eye catching touch of color to your practice Messer blade is with a brightly colored guard. The Red Messer Guard will easily enhance the look of your practice, reenactment, sparring, or theatrical Messer blade! Crafted from a special blend of high impact polymer, this guard is protective and strong. The guard features two sphere tipped quillons and a sphere tipped extension known as a Nagel, meant to protect the hand of the person holding the sword. The bright red hue of this guard will look great with practically any combination of blade and hilt.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from high impact polymer
  • Features a Nagel extension for protection
  • Ideal for practice Messers
  • Color is versatile to match your blade and hilt
  • Pairs great with a Messer Blade!


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