Cleopatra Tiara

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Modeled after the opulent and elegant style of a famous Egyptian queen, the Cleopatra Tiara is a striking and rich accessory that goes great with a variety of ensembles and costumes, all while featuring an incredibly distinctive look. This impressive tiara consists of a simple, crystal-rhinestone adorned headband that fits about the forehead. Unlike a typical tiara, the adornments do not rise up but hang down over the brow, creating a beautiful, draped look. Successive curves of rhinestones hang down in a draped pattern, while between them are rhinestone chains that end with elegant faux pearls. The tiara is available in silver or gold coloration, and it measures approximately 1 inch tall. The incredibly beautiful Cleopatra Tiara is a great way to add a touch of exotic style to any outfit, whether you are attending a modern event like a ball, a dance, or a wedding, or whether you are dressing in a distinctive medieval or Renaissance style.

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Key Features:

  • An Intricate and Exotic Rhinestone Tiara
  • Impressively Decorated Appearance
  • Available in Silver or Gold Coloration
  • Great for Renaissance Fairs, Weddings, Dances, and Formal Occasions


  • Made from Plated Copper


  • Height: 1 Inch


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