Elegant Crystal Scrollwork Tiara


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Placing a glittering tiara on your head is a great way to instantly feel like a princess, and why should you deny yourself that feeling? With the Elegant Crystal Scrollwork Tiara, you can possess the look of royalty in an instant. A thin plated copper band creates the base of this silver hued tiara. At the ends of the band, it has combs for securing onto the head.

The tiara has two wires curling up and out of the middle and down the sides. Resting in the middle of the tiara is a gleaming flower, with a sculpted leaf coming out of either side. A diamond shaped rhinestone cluster is displayed on top of the flower for a brilliant and elegant accent as well. Enhance your princess costume or sophisticated ensemble with the classic design and gleaming brilliance of this Elegant Crystal Scrollwork Tiara.

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Key Features:

  • Curled metal wires create a classic and elegant shape
  • Features a stunning flower with leaves in the middle
  • Rhinestone cluster adds a chic and beautiful touch
  • Makes a great accessory for weddings, costumes, or formal events


  • Made from copper with an electroplated finish


  • Height: 1.25 Inches

One Size12.75 inches1.25 inches


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