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Celtic Tree of Life Arm Bracers

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The tree of life is a reoccurring theme in dozens of mythologies and cultures. On the Celtic Tree of Life Arm Bracers, this symbol is represented in a motif befitting its Celtic theme, as the tree is surrounded by one massive Celtic knot. Engraved into this hand-crafted bracer is a tree of life with Celtic styling; the trees foliage is represented as a densely made Celtic knot, while the trees roots, also visible, follow the same motif. It, too, is represented by a large, open Celtic knot. The two knots link alongside the tree to form the circle that surrounds this Celtic tree of life, a symbol of the continuation of life no matter what happens. This bracer is hand-crafted from either armor-grade 13/15 oz. leather or from less defensible but more flexible 7/8 oz. leather. Both make for a wonderful bracer. If you are a fan of Celtic artwork and Celtic knots, this bracer will appeal to you. If not, then the Celtic Tree of Life Arm Bracer is still a fascinating piece of leatherwork.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from top quality leather
  • Your choice of leather thickness, 7/8 or 13/15 ounce
  • Engraved Celtic Tree of Life
  • Comfortable, provides a great fit
  • Lace up closure

Measurements (Bracer Laid Flat):

  • Overall Length: 8.75 Inches
  • Wrist (Width): 7 Inches
  • Forearm (Width): 9 Inches


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