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To become a great swordsman, you must first practice a great deal. Build your skills with confidence, effectiveness, and safety with the Bokken by Cold Steel, a training katana made of the heaviest grade polypropylene available. Virtually unbreakable, the Bokken has the length, size, weight, and feel of a real weapon without the risk of grievous or permanent injury. A step beyond its traditional wooden counterpart, this polypropylene bokken will not rot or splinter. The synthetic material will withstand wear and tear as well as the impact of the elements. While not quite as rigid as wood, it has the advantages of being remarkably stiff and cut resistant.

Key Features:

  • Meant for training and practicing
  • Closely mimics the shape of a katana
  • Ideal training tool for katana enthusiasts
  • Synthetic construction is incredibly tough
  • Resistant to weather and cutting
  • Great for martial artists and swordsmen


  • Made of polypropylene

One Size17.7 oz1 inch30 inches11.5 inches41.5 inches


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