Black Deluxe Kentucky Flintlock Pistol


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The incredible success of the American Long Rifle, dubbed the Kentucky Rifle, likely contributed to the porting of certain features over to the pistol. The result was a firearm whose design is recreated in this Black Deluxe Kentucky Flintlock Pistol. Historically, in all respects, this flintlock would have appeared no more special than any other, yet it was not the outside looks that counted. Like the rifle before it, this pistol would have featured a rifled bore, which enhanced its accuracy by leaps and bounds, making it a fine side-arm, as well as a great complementary weapon to the rifle itself! This replica provides for a unique style that differs briefly from the flintlock design of old. It still possesses the wood frame and metal hardware, including a lock mechanism and a barrel, but instead, the configuration is more distinctive than European styles, which makes the pistol more unique as well. The tip of the pistol is almost flush with the barrel, featuring a brass-metal accent that nicely contrasts the burnished black iron finish of the barrel. The replica also possesses a working lock mechanism and trigger, which means that when you cock back the flint and pull the trigger, the striker impacts the frizzen and the pan to create a satisfying clink. Being a decorative replica, this firearm is not made to, nor can it be modified to fire live ammunition of any sort. This makes the pistol a solid choice for safe displaying, as well as a great prop weapon for when realism and safety are both equal concerns. Also, it should not be excessively dry fired. This Black Deluxe Kentucky Flintlock Pistol is a great little piece of American history to own, collect, and display, and its functional design and realism make it a great addition to have when it comes to arming your own frontiersman, explorer, or continental soldier look, too.

Key Features:

  • A Non-Firing, Decorative Replica Flintlock Pistol
  • A Detailed Replica of the Early American Flintlock Pistol
  • Loosely Modeled After the Well-Known American Kentucky Rifle
  • Possesses an Incredibly Realistic Look and Feel
  • Has a Working Lock Mechanism and Trigger
  • A Great Collectible, Display Piece, Prop Weapon, or Gift Idea


  • Made from a Zinc Alloy
  • Features a Stunning Wood Frame


  • Overall Length: 15 Inches
  • Overall Weight: 1.5 lbs.


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