Black Brocade Waist Training Corset


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Bring easy elegance, refinement, and an hourglass waist to your gothic and Victorian costumes. The Black Brocade Waist Training Corset makes an amazing essential for all kinds of costumes, featuring a gorgeous black brocade pattern as well as a steel bone corset structure.

The black underbust corset cinches the waist and comes to a subtle point under the breast. The bottom front edge of the corset curves slightly to flatter the shape of the hips, as it ends just after the top of the hips. Then, silver tone metal busks fasten the corset in the front.

Next, the inner steel bones create an hourglass shape. This gothic corset is especially suitable for waist training. 20 spiral steel bones throughout reinforce the silhouette. Then, 4 flat steel bones at the back opening provide better grip and stability when lacing the corset. Cotton lines the corset interior and encases all steel bones for further comfort.

Then, the back of the black Victorian corset laces closed with matching black cord over a wide modesty panel and through silver tone grommets. This wide modesty panel is attached to the inside of the corset. The inside also features six suspender loops for further accessorizing. A waist tape inside also helps reinforce the waistline and durability of the corset.

Effortlessly pair this gothic brocade corset with your favorite gothic dress or gothic blouse. You can also layer it over a medieval shirt to create a romantic, historically inspired outfit. No matter what your adventures, you will be suitably dressed and stylish with this waist cinching corset.

Key Features:

  • Gorgeous brocade fabric brings elegance to outfits
  • Creates hourglass silhouette
  • Suitable for waist training
  • Laces in the back
  • Metal busks secure the front
  • Great for fantasy, Victorian, and gothic outfits


  • Made of polyester brocade with a 100 percent cotton twill inner lining
  • Bones are made of steel

Care Instructions:

  • Dry clean recommended
Recommended for heights 5ft. 2in. to 5ft. 9in. Waist Training Corsets are intended to cinch down 4-6 inches. We recommend that you order 4-5 inches below your natural waist measurements to allow for cinching. So if you have a 29 inch waist, we would recommend that you purchase a size 24. A size 24 will have a 24" waist when fully laced shut.
SizeNatural Waist CircumferenceCenter Front LengthBack LengthSide LengthModesty Panel Width
20 inches24-2511 inches11.5 inches9.5 inches6 inches
22 inches26-2711 inches11.5 inches9.5 inches6 inches
24 inches28-2911 inches11.5 inches9.5 inches6 inches
26 inches30-3111 inches11.5 inches9.5 inches6 inches
28 inches32-3311 inches11.5 inches9.5 inches6 inches
30 inches34-3511 inches11.5 inches9.5 inches6 inches
32 inches36-3711 inches11.5 inches9.5 inches6 inches
34 inches38-3911 inches11.5 inches9.5 inches6 inches
36 inches40-4111 inches11.5 inches9.5 inches6 inches
38 inches42-4311 inches11.5 inches9.5 inches6 inches
40 inches44-4511 inches11.5 inches9.5 inches6 inches


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